Triple Seven Chain

The Triple Seven chain is a silver-plated necklace featuring the Angel Number
777 and the motif of a wave 
Weight: 44g/Size: Approx. 44cm long and 3cm wide
This item was originally designed for someone special in my life
777 is an Angel Number that indicates heightened awareness, intuition and increased openness towards an awakening or development in the self 
The wave in this piece symbolizes infinite movement and potential for renewal
This piece indicates that self-awareness and understanding is close to the wearer, along with the reminder that there is a movement with us that is as ancient, natural and intuitive as the moon that pulls the tide
Silver is a highly reflective precious metal that is resistant to corrosion and rust
Often chosen as a metal for jewellery design due to its lustrous, luminous appeal, this metal is often associated with the moon
Silver rarely irritates or reacts to contact with skin 
The durability of this piece will greatly depend on how much you wear this item, along with factors such as the acidity of your skin
This item can be worn in the shower and in other conditions, however the shine and longevity of this piece will extend with special care
If necessary, this piece can be gently cleaned with baking soda, salt and warm water
No other steps are needed to keep its shine
Do not use a brush or any chemical solutions to clean this piece


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