Hikaru (Radiant Light) Earrings


The Hikaru or Radiant Light earrings are hypoallergenic, rhodium-plated earrings with cubic zirconia detailing, centring on the character 光 for “Light” or “Ray”


Weight: 10g/Size: Approx. 3cm long and 2.5cm wide



Comes as a pair



From Latin: Radiare “to beam” or “to shine”

From Japanese: ひかる or Hikaru meaning “to shine”




The ideogrammic or original drawing for the character 光 depicted a kneeling person holding fire

As the flame in this piece holds and centres the light or 光, the wearer holds and centres their radiance. This piece is a simple acknowledgement of illumination and the personal, visceral warmth that comes from one’s light




Rhodium is a precious metal belonging to the platinum group of metals and is higher in value than gold, silver and platinum

 It is resistant to corrosion and oxidation and therefore more suitable for daily wear than softer metals

 The hard and reflective nature of rhodium means that it’s also less prone to tarnishing or dulling in shine and colour, as well as more resistant to scratching




The durability of this piece will greatly depend on how much you wear this item, along with factors such as the acidity of your skin

Earrings are easier to keep in good condition due to the nature of their design being in less contact to skin and movement

If necessary, this piece can be gently cleaned with mild soap and warm water, however no other care is needed to keep its shine

Do not use a brush or any chemical solutions to clean these earrings




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